Pay It Forward.  Those cleats that are collecting dust gave you joy,

now let them bring a smile to another athlete in need!


with Passion


those in need


With Purpose

This idea was born in 2010 when our family took an inspirational trip to South Africa after the World Cup.  We noticed how the kids would play soccer in their bare feet, kicking around a worn out ball.  Ever since then, we wanted to make a difference.  We came to realize that before we could change the world, we had to make an impact in our community first.

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Work with teammates in your community and help make a difference

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Making a Difference

Our Mission

Our Outreach team is in the process of spreading our message and collecting well worn soccer cleats and old soccer balls that are taking up space.  Make your contribution now.

TwinKicks is an advocate for athletes in need. Our main goal is to collect gently used soccer equipment that can be donated to the less fortunate.

Our experience playing soccer over the last 8 years has seen us go through countless pairs of cleats and soccer balls.  It's time for that old equipment to make a comeback and bring a smile to someone new.

Help us start a drive in your community.


Would you like to get involved?  

We could use your help starting a collection drive.

Ask your teammates, friends, and neighbors if they have any old cleats or soccer balls that they would like to donate to someone who might need them, but cannot afford them.

Find your inner power by helping others

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